“When I retained the Collection Bureau, I had  very little hope in collecting the $235, but they elated me when they collected on the invoice." Kirit

Our Collection Process
Once we receive your accounts via email, fax, or mail, we immediately input the account in our system which sends out a DEMAND NOTICE, in accordance with the FDCPA. Typically, the slow payer will respond to the demand notice if they value their credit. If we fail to receive a response within a few days, we will commence telephone contact.  Our phone contact includes calling the debtor at home, at work and on their cell phone. Our main goal is to collect the full balance promptly but sometimes will have to setup a payment plan due to the debtor's financial position and or the account balance. After thirty (30) days after placement, we will report the account to the credit bureau. This debt will then show on the debtor's credit history and may refrain the debtor from future credit purchases until your debt is paid. We have complete skip trace capabilities for that debtor who has moved without notice. Also, we are associated with a network of attorneys throughout the United States. Lastly, we will review the account to determine if taking legal action is an option and will take that step with our staff of collection attorneys.
Remember we don't get paid unless we collect so thats a great incentive for our company and works to your advantage.

No Fee unless We Collect.